Saturday, January 21, 2006

SD Weekend, Baby...

Well, seems that this weekend, which was initially dedicated to the house, has turned into one of those party-time, SD style weekends. I extended my stay so that I could attend John's bday party at the SD-famous Turf Club. This is a cool joint where you cook your own meat. The great part about the Turf Club is that it is always packed with people that I call, "comfortable in their own skin." When you spend time there, you inevitably end up talking about the world with your neighbor. It's not pretentious. It's not a meat market (pun intended). It's just people cooking meat and having a good time. Afterwards? Landlord Jim's, which is home of the tall can in the brown paper bag. Straight class, yo. And, to top it off, the DJ spins old school hip hop in the kitchen upstairs only to be seen in the bar via web cam. You actually call in your requests from your cell phone. Shizzle.

Btw, I added links to some friends' blogs in the right-hand column. Check 'em out.

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