Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flashback Dbl-Dip with Whipped Cream on Top

A double dip flashback happens when you don't expect to run smack into something that reminds you of an ex. In this case, it'd be the one that was my enema. Yes, enema... she cleaned me out and I appreciate it.

While watching... "This is a Gene Simmons Family Jewels, when God made me he broke awwwwwwwwwwl the rules..." I stumbled upon an episode where he went to the Kentucky Derby and made a $100,000 bet. Well, the Country Club where Shannon and Tracy made the bet, Covered Bridge, is the home course of Fuzzy Zoeller and the neighborhood home of one of my ex's. We ate and drank in there a few times. A big holla to her family, whom I adored, but no soup for her.


I watched what I now consider to be one of my most favorite movies, Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown. Drew flies into Louisville and meets a Claire... DOH! The ex is a Claire and Covered Bridge is in Sellersburg, IN, right across the river from Louisville.

As a side note, the Claire in Elizabethtown is so right on point with the type of woman that I'd like to spend my life with: sexy, silly, worldly, a little unsure, but passionate about life, thought-provoking with an ability to lead or be lead, but a strong desire to simply walk side-by-side as much as possible.

The girl that I'd seen a few times in the past week came to a conclusion that I was meandering my way towards. Something was amiss between us. I appreciate her honesty and wish that more people would be upfront about what they feel. So, on one hand it's kind of a bummer, but honest reality is always good for the other hand.


Anonymous said...

some people need to be asked/invited to be honest rather than serve it "upfront" ;)

Robert Zamees said...

Seriously? I don't wear a sign that says, "Please don't tell me what's on your mind."

Who doesn't want to know?

Wouldn't that be building a relationship on assumptions that may not be true?

Stand up and speak your mind!