Friday, August 15, 2008

Responsibility of the Keeper

I was talking to a friend to the other night... well actually, texting to an ex the other night, but we were friends before we briefly dated and I imagine that we will be closer again at some point in the future.

She was complaining about how, no matter what she says about not being ready for a serious relationship, the men she dates want to move quickly.

My response, "Once you consider yourself to be a good catch, then you have to realize that those you date will do what they can to hook you."

My friends have always called me the "marrying type," not the "dating type." You can look at that from two directions. Personally, I can't do the dating thing. Nothing against it, I just can't juggle multiple women on multiple nights for I always have a favorite. I also can't just date and see, I want to actively work on discovering compatibility because I don't want to waste time if it isn't going to work out.

I always say this, but it's a numbers game and if your number gets called and I don't have what you're looking for (or vice versa), then what's the point?

The other perspective is one with which you have to realize that potential significant others will try to lock down the good ones whether you are ready or not. It is ultimately your responsibility, as a keeper, to manage how you're out there. A man or woman won't care if you don't want a long term thing because they can see the person that you are, if you're a keeper.

So if you're not ready for that, then get off the damn fish market. You're not being kind to my gender and that sort of thing just ticks me off these days. Take responsibility for what you are, dammit.


Anonymous said...

To quote the deeply reflective, almost prophetic words of the guy in the Bud Light commercials..."dude".

Robert Zamees said...

What's mine say? Sweet.

Anonymous said...

i agree!

i get crap for not dating, but i don't want to get into a thing where he is trying to put me in a box and i am not ready to be a pet.

alone is nice :-)

Robert Zamees said...

Before you throw aside that pet thing, don't forget to be a lion in the bedroom!

Robert Zamees said...

Ouch. With the right person, that is. Sorry, mom. I'll try to say nicer things.