Thursday, September 25, 2008

CHIEFS 4th Best Pass Defense in the League!

There is a reason why I don't listen to political ads on television. In fact, I rarely listen to what a politician has to say unless s/he is talking about what s/he wants to do or what s/he believes in. The reason is that you just can't possibly believe that you are getting the entire context of a situation about someone else when you are only hearing part of the story.

I'm going to boil this down for everyone here in the mid-west into terms that they can easily understand.

I heard on the radio today, "The CHIEFS have the 4th best passing defense in the league!" This is a true statement because they only give up an average of 153 yards per game through the air. That ranks behind Baltimore (92), Indy (141) and Tennessee (151).

Doesn't that just make you feel great... we have hope! Ummmmm, no.

Two of the top four teams that have the best defense in the league also have the worst run defense. KC gives up a WHOPPING 204 yards per game on the ground. The only team in the NFL that is worse is Detroit (208). Indy also stinks on the ground, giving up 199 per game. Passing is fraught with many more things that can go wrong, so if you can run on a team, then why pass?

The other two teams mentioned are actually good defenses for BAL only gives up 70 ypg on the ground and TEN 89 ypg.

To hammer the point home, KC has the 3rd fewest passing attempts against them at 64 (Indy is a close 4th). That's barely more than 20 pass attempts per game. The Chiefs have 111 rushing attempts against them (37 per game)! While most teams like to seek a balance in pass vs. rush, teams that are playing the CHIEFS are running almost twice as much as passing because we can't stop them.


And this, mid-western kids, is why you need to get the whole story before you run off and believe anyone ever talking about something other than their own opinions, be it politics or statistics.

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