Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giving $1 a Day...

If you were to give $1/day to someone/something for the next year, who/what would you give it to?


Robert Zamees said...

A list of the responses:

-Sichuan Earthquake Relief Funds at Red Cross, China.

-Give to Joyce Meyer Ministries where $1/day could feed 5 hungry people. to help our returning wounded soldiers and families.

-ANY Humane Society, Friends of Animals.

-To anybody where it will be utilized for providing food to those needy people who know the value of food and are in extreme need.

-I would give the dollar to a grandmother raising children who were orphaned due to the HIV epidemic. Hopefully, it would help keep them save from deadly childhood diseases and help them go to school.

-United Way.

-Inventors/innovators working on alternative energies to help the U.S. become more self-sustaining.

-Domestic violence advocacy groups such as National Coalition against Domestic Violence.

-Any charity where the money goes to the people and not overhead.

-Groups that help low-income kids realize their full potential and break the cycle of poverty.

-To improve lives and improve communities.

Robert Zamees said...

More responses:

-Potter's House Association - Guatemala.
Potter's House
provides compassionate relief to the 10,000 people who live at the borders of Guatemala City's massive garbage dump.

-Considering that 1 in 4 people from developing countries live on less than $1.25 a day (extreme poverty), I'd have to say that I'd sponsor another child through World Vision. For about $1 a day you can pay for food, school and basic things like clothes for a child.

Something to think about before buying the next cup of $3 designer coffee!

-Children International. I am fortunate to be able to sponsor twelve children so far, and help their families as well in the process. I don't give just the minimum, because I have come to know and think of these people as my extended family, worthy of a real commitment. But it is amazing to see what difference even a small amount will make.

-Animal rescue.

-Human rights organizations (Amnesty, Human Rights Watch etc.).

-Greenpeace, WWF, WSPA.

-Organizations for cancer patients.

-Family member, friend or just a random person that needs money harder than I do.

-For the next 50 days, I'd give my dollar a day to the Obama campaign. For the folllowing 315 days, I'd give my dollar to my own organization, TransFair USA--the only independent certifier of fair trade products in the United States. Having just returned from a trip to Ecuador and Peru, where I visited fair trade certified flower farms and coffee co-ops, I've seen first hand what a difference it makes when farmers and workers receive a fair price for their goods and labor. I've seen for myself the improvements fair trade social premiums enable people to make to their own lives, to the quality of their products, to the health of their soil and their environment, and to their communities. Breaking the cycle of poverty so that children go to school, families have homes, health care and clean water are available to everyone--that's an investment that pays back a thousand fold!