Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Condo That Wouldn't Close

If anyone out there can build me a 26" deep washer/dryer front-loading, exhaust-free appliance(s), then you'd solve my immediate problem. What problem is that, you ask?

Oh, well thank you for asking... my lovely and friendly neighborhood developers, MacKenzie House (yeah, the same builders that are 5 months behind on completion of the project) and their idiot architect (yeah, the same architect who doesn't understand natural gravity run for plumbing and the same architect who doesn't understand how deep the tread should be on stairs... I can talk smack about architects because I have a friggin' Bachelor's of Architecture)... anyhow, this idiot architect gave me a laundry room that is 28" deep from hookups to the interior side of the laundry room door. The smallest brand-known W/D you can get it 27 1/4" deep... 3/4" for hookups, I think not.

And, those lovely (aka, POS) stackable W/D units (yeah, the ones where the washer door only opens up about 45 degrees before it hits the bottom of the dryer) are the only ones that are 27 1/4" deep.

That's great... half million dollar condo and POS washer/dryer. Just great. Anyone want to buy my awesome front-loading -no-longer-need-a-dry-cleaner STEAM-based W/D that's 31" deep?

Perhaps you just want to regularly do my laundry for me? I should just put a washtub and waashboard in that laundry closet. GRRRRRRRRR!

Oh yeah, and let's not forget that the dryer exhaust vent seems dangerously close to the electrical wiring for the foyer/hallway switch panel.


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kcmeesha said...

not sure about the size but I've seen with my own eyes Siemens washer/dryer in the same unit (not stacked);dirty clothes go in- clean dry clithes come out. it also had a built-in water was a size of a dishwasher and actually built-in the same way under kitchen counter. you can get these here but they are hard to find, maybe special order. i think there is a store in chicage that carries them.