Friday, October 10, 2008

The Iron in Irony

This is going to be an interesting weekend...

The woman that I've spent the most time with in my life--relationship time, that is--just happens to be getting married this weekend. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm totally happy for her and our relationship(s) are many years ago. I think that she's with the right person (I knew him before she met him) and I think that they will be fantastic together. Well, that's an easy call too since they've been living together for several years already!

Irony #1: I'm in Chicago this weekend staying with friends from our college days. I helped them get into a cab yesterday to jump on a plane to her wedding. That was kinda strange.

Irony #2: I've been writing a semi-non-fictional book about a man trying to find true love. As you can surmise, most of the stories are from my own life. The irony lies in that I happen to be on the exact chapter of my life that deals with the episode of our life together.

Irony #3: And every station I turn to is playing her favorite performer, Billy Joel, or the band that we listened to constantly, Dave Matthews Band.

Irony #4: I don't know how much she is going to drink on Sunday, but I'll be doing my fair share! :)

Therefore, the iron in irony is not one that is in the fire; poking is not what it's about. The iron in the irony is the fortifier that I will get this weekend--the shot in the arm--by getting past this part of my book!

Good luck Dean & Stacy! I wish you the best!

OHHH, and thank you Jeff & Laney for giving me the run of the condo to write in peace while you are away. I can't leave yet, still 2.5 bottles of wine to consume! Heehee!


Unknown said...

Hang in there, this weekend my end up being tougher than you think. But hey, at least you are in a fantasic place (physically speaking, anyway)! And, as always, I'm here to offer my support.
Much love,
(the other)Stacy

Erin said...

I think this is more Alanis irony than irony irony

Robert Zamees said...

A friend did just IM me and say that it was kinda chilly and rainy in her part of the world, which happens to be the same part of the world where the wedding is taking place.

As for a free ride when you've already paid... hmmmm... maybe it is like 10,000 spoons when all I need it is a knife.