Monday, October 27, 2008

My Stardust Memories...

My Stardust memory; the memory of love's refrain... sorry, I was channeling Mr. Willie Nelson there for a second.

For y'all that maintain a Netflix queue, I'd recommend a great little gem of a flick that I watched last night, Stardust.

It's a very Princess Bride-like, fun flick about finding your true love. Which, as many of you know, I always adore.

I think I've written about my experience and education trying to find my true love more than any other topic.

I believe in true love, do you?

If so, how do you define it?

PS: If you'd like another fun little flick about love, then add Eragon to your queue, as well. It has dragons in it!


Tess said...

Stardust was a beautiful movie.

Robert Zamees said...

Thanks for editing my grammar errors, Pops. I finally got the Internet in the new condo to fix them!