Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Logic of Cooking

I never cook for myself. But each time that I cook for others, self included, I absolutely love the experience and the activity. By myself, the buying, preparation, cooking, eating, cleaning and left-overs are just too much.

But when cooking for someone else, I absolutely swim in the opportunity to make something yummy.

Last night I went on an adventure to whip up some sauteed prawns and veggies. I think it turned out pretty darn alright. Sauteed the veggies a little bit long, but the prawns were delicious. Even more delicious was the satisfaction that the two of us received from the experience. Someone's day was made easier because we had to change our plans and I simply offered to cook, relieving the pressure from her schedule. I learned from the cooking experience while having great conversation present and putting a smile on someone's face.

My take from last night, because I'd never sauteed anything in my life, was that there is more logic to cooking than I ever before thought. Sure you can get creative with the ingredients, but the process of cooking just makes common sense to me. For whatever reason, I know what food should look like when it has reached done. Whether I get lucky is definitely debatable, but each time I try this or that I come up with a concoction that is more than just palatable.

I like to cook!

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