Monday, December 15, 2008

Book Update

I've not been doing much other than writing my book. A few days ago, after basically locking myself in the condo for two weeks, I was chin-scruffy, the dishes were stacked up, the bathroom needed cleaning and the trash was overflowing. I took the weekend off from the book and fixed most of that stuff.

I didn't know what book I was writing until I wrote it. When I finally read it from cover to cover, I realized how to strengthen the themes and bring fluidity to it. I realized what story I wanted to tell.

I'm currently through 100 pages of the rewrite. Book is 250 pages and just short of 80,000 words. I anticipate that it will grow to be no larger than 85,000 words after this rewrite. At that time, those of you on the edit list will be getting an email from the main character, Soupy Heller.

Soupy created a Twitter account last week. He's not active yet, but if you'd like to add him, feel free to follow @soupyheller.

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