Friday, May 15, 2009

NO! You Hold The Egg!

You know that Marriage & Family class that many of us took in high school? Yeah, that one where we got paired up as a married couple and had to babysit our brand new baby egg for a week.

Well, life is kinda like that sometimes.

In other words, sometimes when you're working on a puzzle you just can't find the right piece. You start to wonder if you have all the pieces. You think that maybe the puzzle manufacturer sent you a faulty piece that needs some coercion to fit. You look under the table to see if maybe, just maybe, the missing piece found its way off the puzzle surface and into the dusty hiding area near where the wall meets the floor.

More often than not, the puzzle piece is there... you just can't see it. Instead of getting frustrated and letting the puzzle ruin your day, it's best to go do something else. Your mind will process the puzzle while you're not actively engaged with it.

Sometimes the best, and only, course of action is to do what you can to avoid breaking the egg.

The solution is there if you just leave it alone and stop trying to solve it.

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