Monday, May 04, 2009

One Day: From Beginning To End

Where you start and where you end... two very different places.

Case in point; a reflection upon my day.

I started the day jumping into the trouble that is brewing around my empty condo building. The developer isn't always telling the truth, the bank won't talk to me and the management company isn't getting paid so they don't take the time to return calls. There are three of us in a brand new thirty-six unit building; a building that is about to go into a foreclosure sale. Meanwhile, the lawn isn't getting mowed, the electricity/gas/trash/water bills aren't getting paid and the remaining construction isn't getting done. We're pretty much at the mercy of the utility companies and the bank at this point and may not have these services everyday though we're not responsible for paying them.

And then came the afternoon...

I took off for my parents' place to get them caught up on all the lifestuff that's been happening in my world. After I arrived, my good friends called and informed me that they were minus a second mate on their "boat" delivery from San Fran to the San Juan Islands. I bailed on delivery a few times last summer because I had such a crappy health year in 2008. So, I made the snap decision to jump on a plane and spend the next several days on the Pacific Ocean with good friends.

Kinda helps to forget the woes of the condo... which I can't do much about anyway.

AND, I can try to bang through the last 100 pages of the 4th draft!


Natasha said...

This post reminds me of the quote, "Wherever you go, there you are."

Enjoy the ocean!

Robert Zamees said...

Here I am!