Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creativity is in the NOW

I've been a fan of Tim Sanders since I (finally) read "Love is the Killer App." I worked at and Yahoo! at the same time that he was there, but I don't think we ever met. Since I read the book, I've started paying more attention to what he has to say.

In fact, I just read his most recent blog post about how creativity is found in the NOW. You have to kick out the distractions, don't feel rushed and let it flow to you.
"Schedule your creative solution/creativity time and wall out any distractions. He (John Cleese) explained that creativity requires intense focus, and you likely need to schedule a few hours to harness one good creative sixty minute streak. Each interruption, be it an email or a phone call, will cost you dearly. In the beginning of a session, your mind will likely clutter with random thoughts. Let them pass, and if some urgent to-do pops up, write it on a sticky note and tell your mind to relax and focus on the problem."
Read Tim's entire blog post by clicking here.

My regular readers have seen how much I've been harping on being in the now since I read "Wisdom 2.0." You know that feeling when you first experience something and then it seems like it's everywhere? Being in the NOW is like that for me lately, I see everyone purporting it... awesome.

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Tim Sanders said...

You BigBADB --

Thanks for the shout out!

You are sharing the love...for the right brainers of the world. PS - Read Dan Pink's "A Whole New Mind". I love it and Cleese raaaaved about it.

Tim Sanders --