Monday, July 06, 2009

What Gifts Do You Have To Give?

For the last few days, I've asked this simple question on Twitter (follow me @zamees by clicking here):

What can you give someone that will positively impact their life, other than money?

Now, before I give you some of the answers, let me write a little bit about the root of the question. Donating money is always the easy way out and, in this age, we want more accountability from our charities and other non-profits. We want to know that the majority of our donation went to the benefit of those that the non-profit represents. We want to know that we sent enough malaria nets to save 10 children or gave enough to feed a football stadium of people. These visuals are tangible, more so than the thought of $1000, because what's $1000 here vs. there vs. somewhere else anyhow? It doesn't really tell me what impact I had on someone or something.

So, instead of giving money, what can we give that really has a life-changing impact on someone? Most of us don't have enough money to make a massive impact on someone's life anyhow. So, what can we give?

From my many followers on Twitter, I got these excellent answers (in no particular order):
  • Understanding
  • Time
  • Smiles
  • Knowledge/Training
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Trust
Amazing answers... they beg the next question, how do we give these to others?

What if we walked up to the house of an elderly person and said, "For the next hour, I'm at your service, what can I do for you?" What if we stood on the street corner of a busy tourist area with a sign held up that said, "Free Directions" or even one that said, "HONK and I'll SMILE!"?

Now, take it one more step, and what if millions of us did it all on the same day at the same time? It'd be damn easy to arrange!

Who wants in? Let's figure something out that's fun and impactful!


Amy Shropshire said...

I'm in!

Stacey K said...

I'm in too.

Every year balloon artists participate in an event sorta along these lines. It's' called balloons Around the World.

Robert Zamees said...


@ChrisCulbertson said...

I am in for sure. Let's make this happen. And then challenge people to do it on their own when no one is looking. And to do it often.

Robert Zamees said...

Chris, since we're in the same town we should meet and discuss doing some fun-possibly-viral types of things.

Buzz me!