Friday, August 21, 2009

Things of Me

In a call with my favorite executive recruiter this week, it dawned on me how to easily define my affinity for marketing and writing.

Pen and PaperImage by Kristian D. via Flickr

She asked, "What do you want to be right now?" Her explanation stemming from the fact that if you look around at the stuff that's publicly available about me, it sure looks like I really want to be a writer instead of a marketer. My response was simple enough, with no one paying me to be a marketer, I'm spending a lot of time writing.

But, I thought, what makes them so similar?

To me:
  • Marketing is a strategy with some composition.
  • Writing is composition with some strategy.
They are the same ingredients, different recipe, made up of things that I truly love. My ability to find creative, unique ways to operate within the set of rules defined for a project or for a world of fiction that I've created from scratch both feed my soul. Yummy goodness.

Speaking of the book, we are sooooo close. Three more chapters to rewrite and they are tough, tough, emotional ones where I must... oh, wait, I'm not gonna give it away. ;-) I've got a core group of friends that are hammering on the draft--blowing through it actually--and keeping me focused on getting through this project. Y'all are the best.

Keep reading, I love it when I hear from all of you in comments or email or Twitter!

Thank you!