Monday, August 17, 2009

What if she were you?

A little snippet from last weekend's work on my book...

A few steps toward the other side of the car and I stopped in my tracks. The edge, literally, of the road was right under my toes with nothing but a sea of black below—several hundred feet below. For a brief moment, I dreamed of taking one more step and of the wonderful, weightless ride I’d feel as I floated to the impact to be found below down to the water, where gravity would instantly introduce itself back into my life.

Foamy sea and jagged pillars of rock called my name in the dark. Souuuuuup. Be with us. We want you. No one else does. We doooooo. It was nice to be wanted, to have the company of someone that wanted me as much as I wanted them. Evolve. Rebirth. They were waiting for me below. I had to fall in order to become something else. As if a diver, I stood with my toes over the edge of the platform and raised my arms, outstretched to form the preliminary T.

I felt warmth over my left shoulder. When I turned my head, slowly, the lights of an oncoming car continued around the bend towards me. As they passed, headed in the opposite direction as I, all faces inside of the vehicle were pressed to the glass and looking at my statuesque pose, poised for change. It seemed odd that they didn’t stop, but perhaps I looked more odd than the internal call of their Good Samaritan. When the lights rounded the bend behind me, I felt cold, very cold, and backed up from the ledge. I could drive without removing the leaves on the passenger side; the voices would just have to wait, for I needed to find more warmth.

if she were you?

The book that I'm writing is a translation of the language of my soul. It is written in a way to, hopefully, inspire the masses, but it's really the siren song for my true love (minus the deadly reef, of course)... if there is a woman out there that can understand the lyrics, she just might be my match, my Promise, my forever and ever amen.

So, what if she were you?

What would you do?
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