Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Love Flow

I've been running some experiments on the Facebook fanpage, "being IN LOVE" to measure interactions relative to the types of comments that I leave on the wall. Good stuff, fer sure.

First of all, the makeup of the 8100+ fans is:
  • 77% female
  • 59% female aged 13-24*
  • ~30% residing in the US
*Apparently, the kids in other countries are still on Facebook.

When I post something esoteric and positive about love on the wall, I easily get 20 likes and 30 comments (Facebook calls these "interactions") in a few hours. Most of them are people saying how much "in love" they are or how much they believe in love. It's quite fantastic to experience.

However, when I post something action focus, like visiting a blog or a twitter profile, I get very few interactions. Unfortunately, I can't see clicks nor have I taken the time to look at referral logs, but the uptick on blog follows/comments and Twitter followers doesn't increase much.

I invite you to try your own experiment and feel the love:
  1. Join the group (if you haven't already).
  2. Post something fun and loving on the wall, ask a question if you like.
  3. Feel the love flow to you!