Monday, October 12, 2009

Giving Up on True Love?

I got asked this afternoon, "Have you gotten to the point of giving up yet?" I wasn't exactly sure what I was being asked, but since I was in the process of writing about true love, I assumed that it was from that vein that the question originated.

Verdadeiro Amor 1 - True love 1Image by Ampliato [ Edu ] via Flickr

This is what rolled out of my typing fingers...

Giving up? On finding true love? Never. I have my days of ho-hum, but I'm a hopelessly hopeful romantic and an optimist about life. I want to believe that there is good in everyone and that I will learn from everything and that someday the world will get back to what's important, turn off the fucking television and innovate for betterment, start with one's self... and that there is someone in the right place, at the right time and right moment who will look at me the same way that I look at her and understand that perfection is not reality, that our imperfections are what make us unique, and that we'll form a plan while things are great on how to deal with it when things aren't so great... and agree that we'll walk hand-in-hand as often as we can, understanding that there are times when we all need to lead or be led, but that the power of what we have when we take steps while holding hands is stronger than anything else.

But, that's just me...