Friday, November 13, 2009

Can You Live Without Love?

On my Facebook "being IN LOVE" fan page, I asked a question that had been on my mind of late:

Once you know what it's like to be loved, could you live without it?

Now, it's pretty easy to assume what most of the answers to this question will be like, but what I enjoyed more were the reasons for the answers.
  • 10860 total fans
  • No (80%), Yes (7%), Yes, but painful (13%)
The most common theme in the comments was about the addictive nature of love. Like a drug, they said, once you've had it there is nothing but a void, an emptiness, in life without it. Fans said they would be unable to breathe, that they would be off-balance, and that the purpose of life is love.

Great comments. Inspiring. Powerful stuff.

I invite you to join us, and to participate, in our great fan page about "being IN LOVE!"

Enjoy your weekend! *hugs*