Monday, November 02, 2009

The Place of Dreams

When it comes to finding true love, the best Dream Girl to have is one who doesn't require you to be someone you're not. There is a place for love; where the world around the two of you provides love, respect, support. It is a place where you can feel alive, where you have choice, where you are free, and where you know that you'll tackle the responsibilities that come with loving together. And, when you reach the end of your tasks, you have the time to bask in the energy of each other.

Energy is an important word, I believe, because each does it in their own way. Some recharge with others and some recharge on their own. A True Love knows, or accepts, when you need to recharge on your own with a book or a walk. A True Love also knows when the electricity needs to be generated, and strengthened, by the magnetism that is found through mutual touch.

My home is where I find my True Love... where I walk into the house, into a room like an airlock, that helps me to transition from there to here; from a place where there is no oxygen to a place where I have everything I need to breathe. When I hang my coat on the hook, I leave the problems of the world, as yet unresolved, hanging with it. When my hat joins my coat, I no longer shade the Light that radiates from me. On the opposite side of the room, off with my right shoe and then my left, I leave the dirt that I accumulated from my day, so that I can slide across the floor in my socks and into your waiting arms. It is my transition, my rite, from there to here, ultimately out of the airlock, and to you.

And, when she says to me, "This is the place where you're supposed to be," and pulls my cheek towards her chest, I will know that I'm home. As she strokes my hair, all the world stops, and she takes in great, deep, rhythmic breaths because this is the first time since I left that she has the air that she needs to live, as well.

Hey Dream Girl, tell me when it's time to come home... I'm ready.