Monday, December 07, 2009

Evolution of Blog

I archived my blog posts the other night, backing them up in word documents that serve as storage for poetry, -isms, dreams, and quips. Someday, should I want to turn them into books, they will be much easier to work on from those docs. While doing so, I noticed that it has undergone quite a change from my first post, which took place on March 18, 2004. It said:
"Aces in the world, but sometimes difficult to find and sometimes the ace you find is 'The Bullet.'"
At the time, it was an anomaly, most of the posts following it were funny things on the web, marketing articles, or thoughts about ad campaigns that I saw in the world. Now, I'm actually writing, not pointing at other places.

My new passion, not my old passion.

And, I must say, I like it this way--thoughts on life and love--so much more than the old way.

Thank you for your continued reading!