Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Piroutte to Charge

Last week, I wrote about a cute little girl who played hide and seek with me, then pirouetted around Starbucks without a care or a stumble. Last night, I was in the same coffee shop and a

All SmilesImage by cvogle via Flickr

completely different little girl, a tad bit younger, kept escaping from her mom and charging toward me... it was really more of a momentum and inertia thing... you know, once she got started, she kinda had to keep taking steps so as not to fall flat on her face. There was a big chair next to me, she'd jump up in it and we'd start talking about what she wanted for Christmas and what was on her shirt and whether she liked princesses... too cute!

She made the charge about eight times over the half hour that she was there... and each time she made me smile.

Thank you, Sweetie!

[I'm ready for that family whenever you are, Dream Girl! Come find me!]