Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Luggage Rack on the Hearse

NEVAR FORGETR.I.P. JB. - Image by Vidiot via Flickr

Though I hadn't spoken to her much in the past twenty years, we'd grown up in the same neighborhood, so I considered her a friend, as did she of me. This week, 23 days short of her 40th birthday, I lost a friend to cancer.

Yet, I feel fortunate to have seen her last summer, mid-fight, at our 20th high school reunion. I knew that she'd debated whether she wanted to attend, and I heard that she was happy that she did, as was I.

The heart is an amazing thing. There are a few of our classmates that are fighting these battles, and a few more that have won them. For each, we send mountains of support--words, dollars that we can barely spare in the midst of our own rough bout with the economy, hugs, smiles--knowing that we can't get in the ring for them, only cheer as loudly as we can from the seats. It doesn't matter they we may have spoken to them once since we graduated--doesn't matter at all.

So today, we stand in a silent ovation as we wish a friend the best, wherever she may be. And we're reminded not to miss the reunion or the trip or the party... there's no luggage rack on the hearse... live your life to the fullest.
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