Monday, June 07, 2010

Do I Follow the White Rabbit or the Yellow Brick Road?

You: The road, silly Wabbit.

Tom pokes Jerry with his barbecue fork in High...Image via Wikipedia

Me: Tricks are for kids.
You: Follow the Rabbit down the Yellow Brick Road.
Me: Toto Cottontail?
You: Perfect for a roadside BBQ.
Me: Barbequed Ma-owse (reference your Tom & Jerry memories).
You: Go down the hole and back up until you pop a brick out of the Road. Then, head west towards the sea.
Me: Pop-a-Brick? Musta been a left turn at Albuquerque.
You: The rabbit is more fun, but things may or may not work out. The Road will get you where you want to go, but you may get distracted by the forests and poppies. The Devil you know or the Devil you don't? Each leave you waking from a dream surrounded by people that think you're crazy.
Me: So, I'm seeking the 6-fingered man in the fire swamp and on alert for ROUS, lightning sand and fire spurts. Drat. Again? I coulda had a V8.
You: Are you Neo or Dorothy? Maybe you should ask Alice.
Me: I tried to see Alice, but Flo was on shift. She said, "Kiss my grits."
You: Follow the chicken across the Road, then.
Me: That chicken didn't go anywhere, just stood in the middle of the intersection.
You: Is that the same chicken from a few months back at a different intersection? Hooker chickens. I think we have an epidemic.
Me: The crossroads is where you meet the chicken devils to sell your soulgizzard.
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