Monday, December 06, 2010

View of the Anxious

Amber HourglassImage by Brooks Elliott via FlickrStand watch
A few minutes to bear
Ancient bark digs into skin
To support the weight of a dying soul

Crouched and statuesque
Lungs encased in a concrete tomb
Stamina the spare baggage
Dropped when the pain began

Each breath a cold tendril
Sifting through the cracks
Of a poorly built, misled union
Strategy for the emotional storm

From atop this pile of memories--
An hourglass' waste--a solitary view
Upon those that know the truth
And those that misunderstand its intent

The coarse nature of this life
Feeds the angry, salivating horde
Hungry to introduce pain
Even at the risk of love

One powerful hand
Unleashes the force of a flood
Or holds the dam in place
Deliberation: an hour, a minute, a second more

Patient strength for an honest future
Lies upon the precipice of your lips
A passionate touch to live
An inquisition to die
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