Monday, April 25, 2011

Dance of the Dramatically Redundant

Tango legsImage by dark_mephi via FlickrAnswer, and answer now.
Do we still agree—
No redundancy.

All this, in defense?
Framing my reason.
I don’t have all season.

You asked, let me answer.
I don’t care anymore.
So you shut the door?

Knock, but no longer a reply.
Hands raised, a beckon to the sky.
You took the time to ask,
With no desire to bask,
While I considered my response.
Sit still and LISTEN, for once.
Inside, my heart’s condition,
Has more fear than friction.
Always have to learn anew,
That I do care about you.
And after this dramatic dance,
Eternally another chance.
I know when the symphony ends,
We’ll go back to being friends.
And play again another song,
The remixed, extended version long.
‘Til then I’ll quietly bide my time.
To compose another metered rhyme.
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