Friday, May 20, 2011

And now... the rest of the poem

Started this poem a few days ago and published the first part. Here is the rest of it. Enjoy!

The Time Between

With you,
I often anticipate the surprise.
Much different from expectation:
A heart's preparation.

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Often not the same,
This impatient patience,
Of halted breath and frozen limb
That waits for time
To break the speed of love.

With us,
'Tis the speed of time
That outpaces love.
A rush of life
That begins and ends
With a hug and a kiss;
A blur of words and thoughts between--
These things we miss.

Until the next bout
With the hours apart
That leads to one as one together,
My memory carries your smile
Even when not...
With you.

Then the moment:
Steel rails vibrate,
Signals the coming embrace,
A nervous, unstoppable collision
That stops us in our tracks.
Cheek-to-cheek, and

Time with you...
There's never enough.
This us
That doesn’t demand any give or take,
Simply presents time--
Our most valuable asset--
With a choice:
For you or for me,
Every so often for we.

What a nice choice
We can be.

A hidden treasure of innocence
To fall asleep clothed,
Past tense to hearts' demands
And logic's lullaby
Strikes time past midnight
As a forgotten state
Of former failures
And future fears
With a twitch and a snore;
Safe from the decisions
That so often plague
The last call home.
Instead to dream of a morning
On the other side of the sea,
Leagues from the dawn
Of you and me.

So rises the reality
Of everyday life
Where the head says whoa
And the heart says go.

Yet still,
When we is just us,
No others to pull the strings,
In precious silence
Your eyes snare mine
To shout volumes about
What they cannot yet say:
Both mesmerized by the surprise
That two hearts
Speak the same quiet language.

As it was always meant to be:
A life with love has love in life.

Faith in a day to come
When honesty and sincerity
Dictate a partnership of decisions--
A mutual promise to try--
With thumbs hitched high,
Love no longer to pass us by,
To ride the we time and between time,
No matter the pace,
And always return with
Your face to my face.
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