Monday, May 16, 2011

The Time Between

This is not the poem that I intended to write, but it's the one that came out. And, it's the beginning to a much longer poem that's been brewing in my head since Saturday morning. This short one just flowed right out and didn't satiate my need to write the one I intended to write, so expect more soon. All these notes are nipping at my conscious!

With you,
I often anticipate the surprise.
Much different from expectation:
A heart’s preparation.

Light Trails over TucsonImage by Saguaro Pictures via FlickrOften not the same,
This impatient patience,
Of halted breath and frozen limb
That waits for time
To break the speed of love.

With us,
‘Tis the speed of time
That outpaces love.
A rush of life
That begins and ends
With a hug and a kiss;
A blur of words and thoughts between—
These things we miss.

Until the next bout
With the hours apart
That leads to one as one together,
My memory carries your smile
Even when not
With you.
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