Monday, June 13, 2011

The Carousel

Busy-busy... pretty much defines me for the past few weeks. Weeks? Months!

I'm managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts for several clients, which includes writing all the content, listening and engaging with the users that are part of those communities--the internet don't sleep, yo. I also write several blog posts a week about finding work for an awesome start-up company called Hourly, a social network for finding hourly, part-time and temporary employment (My Hourly Profile).

Plus, I'm prepping for another international trip, which involves packing the right kinda clothes, calling all the banks/credit card companies, finding the passport, reminding my roommate that he has to check the mailbox...

GoaliesImage by Burns! via FlickrHaven't had much time to write poetry or work on my novel, though I do work on them in my head with regularity. I also haven't had much inspiration lately... had a fun, though short, date with someone who is really more of a long-distance friend now (even though she lives in the same city) that I see frequently when out with our group. You know those kiss-me-when-convenient relationships that usually involve mass quantities of beverages--yeah, done with those. Toasted the roommate yesterday for metaphorically kicking the puck out of the net the other night at 3am when I was sound asleep. On the fortunate side, the debate outside of my bedroom door woke me up from a terrible nightmare. On the not so fortunate side, I awoke groggily both wanting to know what was going on and missing the potential warm body next to me in bed... and then I tossed and turned for an hour wondering why it's always that way with her before falling back to sleep.

So, I asked her the next day and she said, "That's just drunk me." Guess what? Drunk you and me need to part ways--no harm done--you've got your priorities and I respect them. Believe me, I've been in that place where I want to focus on me and my career, so I get it. But girlfriend, you need to stick to it or decide that we can be on the same team to help each other accomplish our goals--a strong, loving and learning relationship.

'Til then, I'll be in Europe. Lates.

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