Friday, September 16, 2011

Inspired by the moon

I've been traveling a lot the last few weeks and the moon has come with me. I feel it over my shoulder. I'll wake up in the middle of the night, open my eyes and it will be peering through my window. I'll sit down for dinner and it will watch me between the sliver of sky between two of New York's taller buildings. So, Moon, this poem is for you...

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My Moon
Omnipresent moon--
A spy with no speech.
Blatantly follow.
Beckon our faces.
Illuminate thoughts.
Implore the truth,
On this night of lies.

Damn you, moon.
In your gaze revealed,
Confessions now known.
Penetrate our porous layer
With your stare.
Cringe of guilt.
Mark to see.
Like the powdery circles
On your cheeks and mine--
Ashen rouge of deceit.

If untrue to you,
In truth we cannot be.

Oh moon, you live
In the limbs of trees,
Between brick and steel,
Reflected on water,
And mirrored in glass…
To find me.
To judge me.

Tonight, moon,
Just you and I.
Ride on my shoulder.
Look into my eyes.
Hear my words—
Especially when I howl—
But say nothing in return.
Nothing you say
Can ever be heard…
I know.

Oh trusted moon,
Keep my secrets.

To you, moon, I am true.
Should ever there be a night
When I cannot reflect your light,
I will make it up to you.
For I know your secret…

Woe is the bright moon
With too few waves to inspire.
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