Friday, November 04, 2011

Fan Mail (what?)

thank you note for every languageImage by woodleywonderworks via FlickrI don't think I've ever gotten fan mail before, but it was sure nice to wake up on this Friday morning to an email from (OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE FANS THAT READ MY WRITING!) a fan!


Hello! I'm a really big fan... and you happen to be one of my inspirations. I need feedback on a recent poem I wrote. I've written many poems and many writing pieces. I'm trying to be the youngest teen novel publisher. Writing is my passion. Please get back to me if you have the time to give me feedback! It would mean the world. Thank you so much.
I honored and humbled to receive your letter. Thank you. I suppose I should get my boo-tay to working on my novel, too.
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