Saturday, November 03, 2012

No Man's Snow

Volcanic ash patterns at Mount Tarvurvur.

Been thinking a lot about the Phoenix lately, and how to rise from the darkness that’s surrounded me these past few years. Maybe poetry is part of rising again… if I can distill these emotions and thoughts into simple lines, which together aren’t so simple at all… perhaps they can balance the tens of thousands of words swirling around in my head attempting to create my novel. Over long periods of time the weight of all those words wears me down, and I just want it to be over...

Light goes gray
Prior to blackened.
In the ash to cross
These boundaries now covered.
Where footsteps remain,
Scarcely remembered,
Barely etched before shaken.

Memories cherish the sun.
Truth shrouded in cloud.
Fact beholden to none.

Over either shoulder,
Only yesterday survives;
Subconscious remission,
Repainted set.
Love now powdered,
Powerless to elemental whim,
Sits still for no man’s snow.

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