Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sports: All ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

Been pondering this for a long, long time... that being the demise of what is considered "team."


These days, it seems like team is spelled with all "i's." Even the player in the NFL most recently vaunted as the respectable, role model, good guy type, LaTom (he's NOT "LT") had to pop off about NE's behavior reflecting that of their coach. Anyhow, I don't think I could write commentary better than that which has already been written by one of my favorite journalists, Mark Kreidler...

This is a must read!
Celebration Etiquette Reaches New Low in San Diego

Hey athletes, respect is earned, not granted. So, the next time you spout off about "disrepect," look in the mirror and figure out you didn't have any respect to get "dissed" to begin with. Then, have an epiphany (well, first look up the definition of it) and realize that you are talented, in the public eye, and shaping the attitude of millions of kids.

Currently on my "Damn, I wish they would retire or at least shut the f*ck up" List:
  • Barry Bonds -- "I was never knowingly a complete jackass to my wife or the press."
  • TO -- "TO dropped that ball because he was thinkin' about his next childrens book."
  • Ozzie Guillen -- One question... what is up with all the plucking that man is doing to his facial hair?
  • Spitters -- Who the hell still spits on people? Did we not learn from the Alomar incident? (insert TO again)
  • AI -- Please reread "role model" section of this post. Yes, you are expected to reread the "role model" section of this post. No, you cannot substitute that for attending practice or Fan Appreciation Night.
  • A Whole Slew of Sportscasters -- Musberger, Dierdorf, Gumbel, Collinsworth, ... I admit, your job must be tough, but please learn how to:
    • Watch the game while you are calling it
    • Understand the rules of the game
    • Avoid praying for everyone's family, friends, associates if they get injured
    • Be exciting

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