Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What is Bob Parsons Smoking?

Bob Parsons, CEO of Go Daddy, mentioned my site, bigBADbob.com, on his latest podcast (skip to minute 18... right after the largeheterosexualmenwithcats.com plug). He apparently thinks that it is a constantly evolving blog about "one man's belief in the occult and how it may or may not help him gain employment."

Hey Bob Parsons...
1. The site isn't a blog, it is my playground for design since I was formerly a marketer for a web site design company. What you are reading right now, this is a blog.
2. I am not looking for a job, nor would I consult the occult to help me locate a job.
3. Nina, his co-host, also said that she couldn't locate my resume on my site. Well, Nina, it is one click off the home page under greed (see if you can understand the irony... resume+greed... hello out there?): http://bigbadbob.com/greed/
4. The picture with the spiderman mask, which I have removed, was my nephew in his Halloween costume. It's one thing to talk smack about me, but a 5 year old kid? Perhaps, you are the one in a cult, eh?
5. Bob, btw, my site is not hosted on your GoDaddy.com platform with its incredibly terrible customer support and history of major hacks and defacement. Simply visit any web hosting forum and search "go daddy" to see what the industry thinks.

Absolutely hilarious that you are the CEO of a major company.


Anonymous said...

It just so happens, Bob, that while a quick "WhoIs" search reveals that you may have hosting through Yahoo, it was actually registered through GoDaddy.com. You may not respect Bob Parsons, but he can't be too bad as a CEO... his company hosts more sites than any other single host... and, I'm willing to bet he's got a bigger salary than you!

Robert Zamees said...

THANK YOU for turning this into a penis comparison contest... of course he makes more than I do... DUH! Also, thank you for remaining anonymous so that I can't respond to you directly... for, if you think that a CEO should make fun of... NO, in fact, ridicule and slander HIS OWN CUSTOMERS, then please deposit your ideas of how a business should be run in the nearest round file.

OMG... my domain is registered at GoDaddy, who the hell?!?!?! How do you think it got registered there? Ummmm... Yahoo! doesn't register its domains there... you guessed it! I registered it there, ya brainiac! Why? It was inexpensive, but that doesn't mean they didn't f*ck that up when I did it... it is simply easier to leave my domains there than move them.

In closing, "more sites than any other single host" does not a valued host make. For we all know, it isn't size, but value. You've definitely never "bottomed out," eh? We also know the 80/20 rule, and for those 20% that actually do something, need something and drive traffic to their site... well, there are quite a few nightmare stories out there and that's all I'm saying.