Saturday, August 09, 2008

Random Thoughts: Saturday Morning

Why is it so different to carry your cue into a pool hall than your ball into a bowling alley?

It's a rainy Saturday morning in the mid-west, which is nice because we have had too much heat of late. It's the type of morning that makes you want to lie in bed with a significant other and cuddle. Remind to find one of those soon. :)

The Olympics have started and I love how excited my friend HB is... since she started her new job at Nike a handful of months ago. She is definitely a kid in a candy shop.

Many ideas have been rummaging around in my head and I'm working with a few individuals on a better understanding of how to make them realities. Exciting times, for sure.

I can't say enough about my new favorite town, Columbia, MO. Well, it might be more the guide that I've found there than it is about the town, but I won't say much about her yet, other than that she makes me smile.

Finally finished watching "Gosford Park" and didn't find it appealing or intriguing. Rating it 2 stars on Netflix.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the love bobby, I really am just having the time of my life and will have fun stories to share with you the next time your sails carry you in this general direction

Robert Zamees said...

Heidi, my sweet, I totally look forward to the stories! I'll bring the wine. Had a chat with a long-time friend in Portland about some biz yesterday, so as soon as I recover, I'll be heading that way. SMOOCH!