Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Haven't Blog-Written for 8 Days?


I really don't know where the last few weeks have gone. I think there was a holiday in there somewhere, but it was lost in a mist of two things: alcohol and a lack of sleep.

I celebrated on the 23rd when I'd finished the second draft of the book by sipping a glass of wine at 10am, then meeting my uncle for lunch at noon-thirty, then picking up 4 copies of the draft and playing Santa around town... a drink in exchange for my draft... with those that are crucial to the direction of the third draft, then literary conversation with @tessk and her parents and then last call with @tessk herself.

Bed @ 4am. Whew. Slept for only a couple of hours.

Holiday eve turned into a celebration for making my uncle smile, which is apparently done by drinking a few (a sh1t-ton) beers and playing pool in the family pool hall. Meemaw and yours truly dominated, but lost the battle for Ultimate Champion of the World at the end of the night... oh well.

Bed @ 1am. Slept from 1-6am.

HoliDAY was kind of a blur of kids and wrapping paper. Though I found a short nap in the afternoon, I was feeling very big on eats and little on sleeps. That evening, GPL and I engaged in major book reading and discussion until about 11pm.

Bed @ 11pm. Fitful sleep that amounted to little more than an hour.

Holiday next-day began early with continued book work with GPL, 7am-1pm. We jumped out for lunch and after I ate, I crashed. Zombie-boy. Tried to come home for a nap at 4pm only to toss and turn. Tried a glass of wine. Tried a sh1tty book. Tried a lame movie. Nada on the sleepies. Tried to go back to bed and hit replay on my thunderstorm CD 3 times before the actual thunderstorm (yes, in December) and tornado watch kicked in outside. Got up to watch it and lost power around 5am.

Back to bed at 7am and slept from 8-10am. Two meesly hours.

Jerked around without having power today until 230pm. Couldn't take anymore at 630pm when I was so tired I had to hit the sack. After 30 minutes of sleep, something woke me.


Fook it. I must have an ark to build or something... back to work on the book.

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