Wednesday, January 28, 2009

52 Things; They're Called Books

I've decided that I'm going to attempt a lofty goal: read one book per week this year. I watched an acquaintance attempt the task last year (I think he accomplished it). Since I've decided to take on this goal in the 4th week of the year, I'll have to find some way to catch up.

Book #1 = "The Zahir" by Paul Coelho, 3.5/5 Stars
Coelho fascinates me, always has. There are some quotable gems in this book, but the story feels drawn out and then the ending hits you and before you realize the story is over, it's done. Kinda closed it and then walked away instead of pondering the conclusion.

Book #2 = "My Ishmael" by Dan Quinn (in progress)
I LOVED "Ismael," but I'm struggling through the sequel right now because the main (human) character is a 12 year old girl that talks like a 50+ adult... just not suspending disbelief very well.

Wish me luck!

And, drop me some recommendations on good things that you're reading.


Kelly said...

I too have started reading this year! Good luck!

Robert Zamees said...

I read a lot, so this shouldn't be too hard, but I'm glad that you're reading, too!