Friday, September 18, 2009

The 3 Movie Question

A friend of mine wrote a blog post recently about something that her family calls "Movie Hostage Weekend."

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"The gist of Movie Hostage Weekend is that each of you pick out one or two OMG MUST SEE movies that the other person is then made to watch like, well, like a hostage."
Their fun family time is very similar to a question that I always ask a potential significant other, "If we were going to build a fort in the living room and watch movies, what 3 movies would you show me that mean something to you?" Not so different from "Movie Hostage Weekend;" family time vs. trying to find someone to raise a family with time.

My movies are:
  • What Dreams May Come: such an artistic, colorful, dark/light saga of a man who believes so deeply in true love that he will not let it die.
  • An Officer and a Gentleman: "You go, Paula!" Come on, you don't cry when Mayo carries Paula out of the paper mill and into a life of an aviator's wife?
  • Into the Wild: a movie so close to my own nomadic soul... right up until the end.
  • Meet Joe Black: Love the concept of the movie, though I'm not so big on Peanut Butter, true love involves sacrifice, not always for yourself, but often for someone else.
  • Addicted to Love: Meg, oh Meg. With all these deep movies, I have to throw some comedy in there.
  • Elizabethtown and Garden State: cute movies about finding love in places that you never expected to find it and then making the leap to feel it.
  • Flash Gordon: one of my favorite movies as a kid and the one that I think is most primed for a hundred million dollar remake.
The first two, What Dreams May Come and An Officer and a Gentleman, never leave my list of 3. The third movie is often based on my mood or on the potential significant other that I'm going to watch them with.

What are your three movies?

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