Monday, December 27, 2010

Quay's Dark Reveal

my walk is for you
not to spite you
time until the truth

to look down the river
forecast of the flood
no one to witness

the water is warm
the tide will carry
the next life beckons

your tears make me shiver
and threaten my soul
drowned by your decisions

flee for shelter
emerge from the frigid bath
soaked to the bone

the epi of epiphanous
i could not be less dry
nothing left to save

my chosen fate
my arms extended
my eyes closed to the sky

the persistent storm
dampens the butterfly
now captured in silence

this is the time to run
immersed in the element
splash without care

giggles the inner child
as feet swim through gutters
strangers who watch and smile

pain departs with each drip
no room on my back
when happiness is the burden

this dream reluctantly ends
with the ring of reality's bell
the dark washes away the light

cross the threshold with hope
that emotional ripples overcome
your heart's man-made quay