Thursday, January 06, 2011

Truth Before Death

You just watched
As the man cried for help
Pleaded for your hand
Reached with the last bit of his life
Before he traded winter for summer

All the while praying that
Your fear of imperfection
Would eventually drag him under
Outweigh the current
Of his dreams

And after he drowned
You found alibi in the world
Salutations of insignificance
Now that truth and love were dead
Mediocrity's triumph

Bow down to the queen,
Of filth and putrescence.

You heard in your head...
Her true love lives,
Yet she marries another.

Your burden is this loneliness
That you know
Unlike the rest of the
Thoughtless world
Welcome to their fruitless faith

The Wills accomplish everything
The Won'ts oppose everything

And the Can'ts won't try anything

Second place?

A set of steak knives!

A pox on the house
That hides your heart
For it is more wise
Than your foolish head
That stifles reality

You will never silence me
In this life of belief
Alive or dead of heart
One soul in the war
For truth