Saturday, February 05, 2011

Creative Blizzard

TruthImage by TW Collins via FlickrIt was an interesting* week, was it not? Worked a lot, but didn't work much. Tons of sun, but a blizzard and below zero temperatures. Revelations and new beginnings.

*And, each time I say interesting I think to myself, "A professor once said (how often do I start with these four words--a product of nine years of college?), 'Interesting is the word you use when you can't think of a better word to use.'" I've decided that my mental thesaurus for that particular word isn't going to interrupt my thought flow any longer.

I spent the afternoon talking to a long-time friend (and psychologist) over a beer at a bar about life, last night's incredible dream, and my book. The revelation that I had earlier in the day was this, I need her on my book team to help me analyze what it is I'm trying to say--the story that I'm trying to tell. The combination that she provides--knowing me, a lifetime of exploring the metaphysical, and a daily foray into psychology--is a sounding board that has already been chock full of motivation, support, and thought.

Since I was a kid, her and I have always carved out our own space for conversation, either publicly or privately. In fact, she added, we also send out some vibe that prompts others to leave us alone to our musings. So true. We've reconnected this past year as her mother (a mom to me growing up, as well) goes toe-to-toe with lung cancer; it's nice to have one of the few people in my life that I've ever been able to, and comfortable with, telling the complete truth--revealing the bare, naked truth of me.

So many paths, so little time to go back and take them all to see where they go!

My favorite kind of conversations.
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