Friday, April 02, 2004

Oh, My Louisa Louisa

mylouisalouisa: We're connected Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been thinking about you so
much the last few days, so last night I called my brother to run some dates
by him because I'm coming down to San Diego, I can't stand it anymore!! I
haven't visited in so long, it's killing me!!! I'll let you know my plan as
soon as he gets back to me, I'm trying to work around his finals and work.
I've been sending you brain waves and you got 'em! Unbelievable.

r_bob: Always have been.
Always will be.
Not because of the weeds.
Because of the needs.
Thinking about you thinking about me thinking about you.
Too much distance equates to blue.
Love no other.
Just love me.
The miracle is what you want it to be.

mylouisalouisa: Did you find that on a Poem Website? I love it. You must have had to scan
hundreds of poems to find it!!!

It's from deep inside of me... intense emotion.
The emotion that keeps trying to get you naked and always fails.
Damn it all, now I am hosed for the rest of the day dreaming of a naked Louisa in a bubble bath, candles lit, glass of wine, hair up, and calling to me with a "come hither" finger.

r_bob: (breathing on fingers and rubbing on silver shirt buttons with "i'm a crafty boy" smile on face)

mylouisalouisa: Come hither???????????????????????????????????????????????
mylouisalouisa: You're the best, Bobby. Or, should I say... your imagination is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

r_bob: You know. Come hither.
Sideways glance.
Mischievous smirk.
Index finger moving back and forth.
Forcing your voice inside my head to say, "Come here, Bobby. I have something for you."
No resisting that.
Like your finger has a lasso around me and it slowly draws in the slack between us.

The best.
But, you have to fight in the championship match to find out it you're a contender or the champ.
And, you have to risk death by trying.
Is it worth it?
To be the greatest.
"I am the greatest!"
Float like a butterfly.
Sting like a bee.

My mind?
Oh yes, that's where it all comes from.
I AM the new, improved version.

No mail-in rebate.
No two-for-one.
No coupons.
Full price.
Real deal.
Buy of the Century.

Headed to the store yet?
You can purchase me online.

mylouisalouisa: OH MY GOD! I just went to your website. I'm oddly very attracted you right now.

r_bob: What's there is only a small percentage of what is planned to be there.
Which may be similar to how much you know about me.
There is much about me that you don't know.
The skillz.
The dark side.
The sometimes the lights should be off and sometimes they should be on and sometimes you should smash the lamp, rip out the cord and use it to tie her up part of me.
The "fun with the net" part of me that craves voyuerism and exhibitionism.
The "pleasure is in the risk" part of me that tries to hide, but comes out in a big way with a little coaxing.

Oddly attracted?
Define the oddity.
define the attraction.