Friday, April 02, 2004

Slow & Hot

r_bob: the whole day is in slow motion... when i am working, it is as if i have taken a superhuman pill...
r_bob: things get done while time stops
r_bob: my body heat is turned way up
r_bob: furnace-nation
r_bob: i look at the clock and it hasn't moved
r_bob: and that is good, when usually bad, in the work place
r_bob: multi-task in flight
r_bob: dreaming of the night
r_bob: when my wit and my whit unite
yosistaishouldbe: dude
yosistaishouldbe: you are on FIRE
r_bob: si bonita chica
r_bob: blaze
r_bob: BLAZE
r_bob: shout up to my blog groupies
r_bob: shout out, ooops