Friday, April 02, 2004

Get Bizy Livin' OR Get Bizy Dyin'

advice to my favorite dawgy-dawg...
r_bob: chisel like andy dufrain
r_bob: meet him in zuwatanao
r_bob: but remember to leave him a note in a box buried in a field beneath a rock that has no business being there
r_bob: chisel on that will, bizatch!
r_bob: chisel it
r_bob: rock hammer by UPS comin yo way
r_bob: I hear you're a man who can get things?
r_bob: the spiders are coming
r_bob: the spiders are coming
r_bob: toss his cell
r_bob: a religious man?
r_bob: salvation
r_bob: jumping spiders
r_bob: barking spiders
r_bob: chinless spiders
r_bob: soupy spiders
r_bob: why must i be like that
r_bob: why must i chase the spiders
r_bob: nuthin but the dawg in me
r_bob: summer breeze makes me feel fine
r_bob: blowin through the jasmine in my mind