Sunday, April 04, 2004

Female In A White Bronco

You sent her, T. I know that you did. You knew that I needed an energy boost to make it that last mile. And so, at 4am, you threw a young female in a white SUV at me, asking for directions. And when I gave them to her, she said in her deep southern drawl, "Hey sweetie, are you ok?"
"Yes, I'm fine. Just walking home."
"Did you get left?"
This question now throws me for a loop, because at the time I took it at face value, but perhaps she meant something deeper? Did I get left? Hmmmm, now that is a possiblity if you are speaking about the beautiful woman that I was with earlier that evening and maybe even has objective application when it comes to maintaining a relationship.
My reply, "No, just needed some head time."
"Can I give you a ride somewhere?"
Interesting offer... not knowing, but assuming that it was sincere, I still replied, "No thanks, I'm only a couple of blocks from home."
Thanks, T. That was what I needed to walk that last mile.