Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Endless SF Night

What follows is the compilation of drunken pseudo-sanskrit that was recorded on restaurant napkins after an evening spent with friends in SF, September 27, 2005.

<------ Phone cam photo of one of the napkins from that long, long night.

09/27/05 @ Lucky Penny, SF
The Night.
The Kiss.
The Kiss.
An entire Night to relive it.
A lot to miss.
Many years in wait.
Maybe nothing ever more.
At last.
That Kiss.
You always find your way.
But, with Love?
With Life?
Always a chase.
A Kiss.
That Kiss.
For right or wrong.
That Kiss.

09/27/05 @ Lucky Penny, SF
My crazy world.
Such my crazy world.
To stand on a street corner.
To ponder.
To wander.
As luck would have it.
The Lucky Penny.
3 AM.
3 hours to burn.
All with thoughts of you.
Only blocks away.
How did I find this place?
My refuge.

09/27/05 @ Lucky Penny, SF
Lucky Penny.
A Night.
First Night.
Lucky Night.
3 AM.
No one to answer.
Nothing to think about,
Only You.
My Louisa.
From you to here.
The Lucky Penny.
The experience of the world
Has brought me here.
How else would I have found this place?
Thoughts of you.
Life to live.
Ask for nothing more.
I know you.
You know me.
Just Be.

09/27/05 @ Lucky Penny, SF

I so do not want to know what time it is. My guess is that in two hours I can catch a cab to the parking garage, drive to PA, catch a few winks in the office, and try to put this adventure behind me… as I am sure you will also do. But, there is one thing that I will always hold in memory. A kiss that may have meant, and may always mean, more to me than to you. But, I have it; that beautiful kiss. I have no desire to mess up our world, yet as much as I’ve been able to look at you as a friend, I’ve never been able to feel solely platonic. This is definitely a night to think about life; a night to think about thinking.

I wandered the streets for a few hours. I rode in a cab just to have a conversation with a cab driver. I walked past many a transient sleeping on the sidewalk and I thought, “Now there’s an idea.” And so, with careful selection, I found the back corner of a parking lot, behind a car, under a tree, a place to rest for a few hours. A place to rest my body. A place to rest my mind. With Treo in one hand and Samsung in the other, both alarms set… I end this story.

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Anonymous said...

It's the last work day of 2005 and I'm catching up on my emails. I'll read Bob's email again because I've been thinking about him over the last several days. Oh, cool a link, I'll check it out. Something about a long SF night, wait, I wonder if he's talking about that crazy wonderful night with me a few months back. Oh wow, he is, and his website says my name, well, my nic name. WOW. I can't believe I'm just now reading this. WOW. You're so talented, I love these poems. WOW. The kiss, it's about the kiss, the long awaited kiss. I can't believe I'm just now reading this today. I have to talk to you. Soon.