Monday, January 22, 2007

Patriots Synonymous with Sore Losers?

I didn't stick around to watch the press conferences, but the way Brady simply walked off the field and Belichick's one-word answers to post-game, pre-locker room questions... well, that seemed simply unprofessional. Yes, I realize that your goal is to win it all, you've been damn good at it, and you failed this year. In fact, since you have been so good at it, I'd think you would be appreciative of someone stepping up and mounting a good enough game to defeat you. Hats off to them, wouldn't you say? Give respect where respect is due?

Instead, you both chose to pout away like 5 year old kids that didn't get what they wanted. You know, perhaps, LaTom was right when he exclaimed the team behavior was indicative of its coach. And, at the time, I shamed LaTom for at and certainly still do because it isn't his place to exclaim. But, he might have something there.

Now, like I said... I didn't watch any of the post-game formal press process and they could have totally straightened up... so, crow and feet for my dinner if that was the case.

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