Monday, April 30, 2007

Sam Waterston at the National Press Club

I was in DC last week to listen to the Unity08 team, namely Sam. After meeting some of the most interesting and influential people in DC, I'm in and believe in this movement at Unity08.


Anonymous said...

The fact that Sam Waterston seemed nervous in giving his speech was to his credit in my book.
But one is a celebrity, there are more opportunities to step into major venues and opine naively than for the ordinary, and I'm afraid Sam has done just this.
Partisanship is as old as the hills in this republic. It's been there since Day One, and it's unlikely it will ever go away.
I find it difficult to understand all the hand-wringing about it. The reality is that this nation is divided ideologically - those on each side want different things, and politics is the struggle to obtain control of the machinery of government in order to implement one vision over another. It's pretty simple.
Some are apparently perplexed by this - what may be underneath that naivete is their inability to understand the legitimate differences in outlook among the electorate.

Robert Zamees said...

If only it were so simple and absolute as to have half of the country standing up for one complete platform and half for another. Then, it truly would be a power struggle for control. In reality, as you say, I believe the parties themselves are ceasing to represent the diversity of ideologies that are present and growing today. In fact, you can even see this amongst the candidates within one party. Therefore, I expect Unity08 to be quite an interesting experiment.