Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Election is an 8-course Meal, not Fast Food.

Great post on 3 Garzas & La Gringa today about how people don't take the time to really understand how politics impacts their lives... much beyond the divisive issues that continue to permeate our decision-making: abortion, immigration, war.

I'm not saying that these issues aren't important, but you have to see the whole menu people. Even though you prefer fast food news to fuel your tank, we're taking about an 8 course meal here and you can't get up from the table early.

Americans have to learn to take the time to understand that "change" is real, whether they like it or not. And that change can come at you from so many different directions that you better take the time to know what's going on with the war, the economy, social security, health care, education, immigration, energy and crime before you run off to the polls and vote for a barbie-doll VP who won't even be running the country.

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