Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Free dinner!

Welcome to Bob the Butcher's free dinner service. We are open for free dinners most nights of the week: chicken, fish, steak... you name it, we can find it. The only requirement is that you seem to be Bob's type of girl... the type that he'd like to spend some time figuring out if you're both right for each other. Yep, it's EASY to get that free dinner!

Now serving ticket #34.

I'm not upset, just disheartened and venting a little bit. I know that dating is a numbers game. I say this constantly, "Your odds increase to find a good woman if you interact with many women." Ya?

Soon, I'll be finished with the first draft of my book; a semi-fictional story about a man trying to find true love. I've set a goal for an edited first draft to be complete by October 2008.

Anyhow, four girls in four weeks.
  1. Was beautiful, intelligent, 2 hours away and strangely reclusive.
  2. Was just a bad physical and emotional match.
  3. Another beautiful, caring woman who is dating but not looking. What's the point?
  4. Cute as can be, fun, intelligent, but wants to move to the state that I just left.
Has anyone else noticed that there's this 2-3 week period where you can pretty much bail on dating someone without really having to sacrifice anything? Believe me, I've used the chicken exit a few times myself, just find it something to ponder. GRRRR.

34? Still looking to serve ticket #34.

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